Fan Duels Sunday Million to payout $2.5m!

The Week 8 Sunday Million on Fan Duel will have a $2,500,000 prize pool.

The Sunday Million has been growing in size every week in 2014.Fantasy Football Cash

Starting at a $1m prize pool on week 1 it has been increased the last few weeks to $1.25m, $1.5m, $1.75m then $2 million last week.

Fan Duel has had to grow the Sunday Million as their player sign ups dictated.

The original $1m player field was selling out quickly the first couple weeks of the season, so Fan Duel has added more players and prize money each week to accommodate all the player demand.

This weeks Sunday Million is the largest one week, non championship fantasy football contest ever run……..$2.5 MILLION in total prizes, with a whopping $500,000 to first place…all for just a $25 entry fee.

$500,000 to first place, and $100,000 to second. Nearly 1 player in 5 of the field gets paid at least double their money, and top 8 get 5-figure payouts.

Last weeks Sunday Million paid out $2m with $200,000 going to the winner.

If you had this line up on week 7, you would have been extremely happy on Monday Night.

Can you build a winning line up like hatorade?

Week 7 winning line up

 Learn about Fan Duel Fantasy football scoring and details here.

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