Daily Fantasy NBA leagues are posted on DraftKings

DraftKings has posted their Fantasy NBA Leagues and Contests

The NBA season is starting in just 10 days,Win Millions this NBA Season preseason games are playing now and it’s time for fantasy players to start finalizing their plans and preparations for the 2014 season.

Get ready for all the action, everyday on DraftKings and start winning real money using your knowledge of the NBA. Play today, win tonight and collect your winnings tomorrow.

Opening Tip Off Events on October 28th and 29th include the $27 buy-in $400K Crossover, $12 buy-in $100K Pick and Roll and the $50K Lay-up that you’ll get a free entry to when you sign up to DraftKings Today…….

Here’s the complete listing of opening night NBA Fantasy events

NBA Fantasy Events

DraftKings will also have a complete schedule of 2014 Daily Fantasy Basketball contests.

NBA Fantasy Lobby

NBA Fantasy Lobby

League and Contests are 2, 3, 5, 10 players and larger.

League buy-ins starting at 25¢, $1, $2 and larger.

New contests and special events will be added daily as the season gets rolling in November.

There are no season long commitments, no rosters to manage, you build a new team every night and can take advantage of every NBA game and player match-ups that same day, your not restricted on who you want to start like a season league.

Here are the complete rules and scoring for NBA Fantasy on DraftKings.

Opening night player salaries are listed and will not change until after the NBA starts the season.

Daily Draft Options

Choose from Every Player, from every NBA game that day is available for your team.

Player salaries will change as the season progresses and player values will increase or decrease as their play or daily match-up  dictates.

OPRK: Opposition Position Rank Against. This shows how that players opponent ranks against that players position. Green is a outstanding match-up, black is a average match-up and Red is bad match-up.

NBA games listed are all games included for that particular night fantasy leagues and contests. Click a game and you will see all the players available that night.

Click Depth Chart and you’ll see how each teams rosters compare, by position and current salary.

2014  NBA DraftRoom

NBA Tip off Draft Room on DraftKings

NBA Depth Chart

NBA Depth Chart

Become a player now and get free entry to a paid league when you get started.

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