Why is Fan Duel Fantasy Football so Popular??

The 2014 Fantasy Football season has been an interesting one to say the least…..

All the injuries, suspensions and player performance disappointments have been weighing on Fantasy Football Players since week one.

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One thing that however has been growing in strength and numbers is Fan Duel fantasy football…….

As I said before, I have playing Daily Fantasy Sports for a couple of years now and this year I finally decided to concentrate my efforts on playing more weekly fantasy football.

Sure, I still have my 4 season long money leagues, (I’m 2 and 2 on all of them) but I have been putting more emphasis on my weekly play.

I’m actually starting to like my Fan Duel play more than my season long leagues. I can use a wider selection of players, can use all the advice I read weekly about every player and take advantage of all of that inside, expert knowledge for my benefit.

For example, if a key cover corner can’t play on Sunday and I don’t own the Wide Out he’s facing that Sunday on my season long team, that info is useless to me. On Fan Duel I could use that info to my advantage and start a WR facing that team.

Just like the injury to Jamaal Charles made Knile Davis a Stud for most teams on Fan Duel. If you didn’t have Davis on your season long roster, that info was useless.  Many weekly fantasy players used K. Davis to their advantage the first couple week of the season.

Your not locked into a set 15 man roster, not forced to make agonizing line up choices on Sunday morning. On Fan Duel, everything that happens in the NFL can be used to help me and my teams….

“Playing the weekly games has gotten me more aware of what is and who is happening in the NFL and actually made me a better  fantasy football player”

The actual playing advantages are not the only reason. The major Daily Fantasy sites (Fan Duel and DraftKings) have been waging a growth war against each other since July and players like me who have become more involved have benefited greatly from their competition.

Radio and TV ads have propelled growth, (I’d bet you saw or heard one of those ads and searched Fan Duel to find this post!).

There are now more Million Dollar contests, more leagues and a lot more money floating around on the internet for fantasy football players to take a shot at winning than ever before.

On Fan Duel for example,

There are at least 1000 open Fantasy Football contests open every day of the week on Fan Duel leading up to Sunday.

How do I know this? The Fan Duel Mobile App shows the number of open contests whenever you log on, you can see that number.

Fan Duel continually opens new contests as the filling contests close.

You can see that by looking at the Main NFL Lobby. The variety of choices is endless, different formats, buy-ins and league sizes make choosing a contest a tough decision.

Let’s look at this screen shot of Fan Duel on Week 4  Sunday Morning,

See the $2 Mini Snap #5, #6, #7 and #8? That means that Fan Duel has 8 of those contests open or full. That’s a total of 2873 players in each, with $5000 of prizes guaranteed to be paid.

See the contests highlighted in Yellow? When you are on the contest lobby on Fan Duel the flashing (on and off) yellow highlights means another player has signed up for that contest. You will even see the entry numbers increase in real time while watching the lobby.

See the contests in a faded gray highlight? Those just filled, wait a while and another contest will be added to replace it.

There have even been times when I was drafting a team and when I hit enter, a pop-up would state that this contest is now closed. It filled up while I was deciding who to start.

I thought I lost that team, but when I went back to the NFL lobby and picked another similar contest and hit join, I was brought back to a draft room with the same team I just created showing ready to enter.

Just visiting the Fan Duel site shows you how popular they really are……..

Fan Duel Lobby on Sunday Morning

The Fan Duel Radio and TV ads state that Fan Duel is paying out over $10 Million a week, I really think it is a lot more than that.

Fan Duel quotes: “That they have more players, more contests and more payouts than all the other DFS sites combined”, I believe them……..

I am becoming convinced that next year, I’ll limit myself to only one or two  season long teams and devote that extra money to Fan Duel.

I’ll get a better return for my time and money invested.


Fan Duel

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