NHL Fantasy starts October 8th on Fan Duel

Fan Duel will be dropping the puck on Wednesday October 7, 2015

Daily NHL Fantasy Hockey is Back on Fan Duel.Fantasy Hockey on Fan Duel

Leagues and Contests are now open and filling rapidly.

Just click “NHL” on the Main Lobby to see all the available games.

So, get ready to get behind the bench and manage your team, using every player available every night.

There are no season long commitments, injuries or suspensions to worry about.

Fan Duel Fantasy Hockey uses a salary cap structure with standard NHL fantasy scoring.

Once the NHL season starts heating up, there will be thousands of leagues and contests to join every night, with thousands of fantasy hockey players winning cash every night and collecting their winnings the very next day.

Highlighted Guaranteed NHL Contests on Fan Duel

$10K Breakaway $2 entry, 5746 max players, multiple entry, 1st=$1200, 950 places paid

$3K One Timer $1 entry, 3448 max players, single entry, 1st=$300, 612 places paid

$10K Slapshot $10 entry, 1149 max players, multiple entry, 1st=$1200, 196 places paid

$4K NHL Save $5 entry, 919 max players, 1st=$500, single entry, 158 places paid

$15K NHL Goal $25 entry, 689 max players, multiple entry, 1st=$1500, 114 places paid

Fan Duel Guaranteed NHL Contests

Daily Leagues and Contests

Start times: Most evenings at 7PM ET.

Buy-ins: will start at $1, $2, $5, $10, $25 and higher

League sizes: Include the standard 3 team, 5 team ,10 team and 20 team and larger fantasy leagues.

There will also be plenty of Heads-up challenges and custom player created leagues for every one.

Payout Formats will have winner take all, the standard top 3 paid, top 6 paid, double-ups (top 50% paid) and triple-ups (top 30% paid) and other variations.

NHL Draft Room on Fan Duel

Fan Duel NHL Draft Room

The Fan Duel Draft Room gives you all the information you’ll need every day to make your team a winner.

This includes complete player news, notes and stats. The complete NHL schedule for that day, just click a game and you’ll have all the available players and their salaries listed.

Draft a NHL Team Now

All new players get up to a $200 Free Bonus when they deposit on Fan Duel


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