Why aren’t you playing on Skyll Zone?

What is Skyll Zone?

If you don’t know what Skyll Zone is, then your missing out on a really good fantasy football thing.

Skyll Zone is a Free Weekly Live Draft Fantasy Football Game that pays Cash for your Fantasy Success.

Each week you draft new teams, in live snake drafts against 9 computer players.

Skyll Zone uses a standard scoring format, so you already know the rules.

The computer opponents are programed to take the best match-ups and highest ranked players each week, but so can you.

The actual drafts only take about 10 minutes and every draft is a new league.

There is no fee charged, it is all free…….Try Skyll Zone now for next weeks NFL schedule.

Points leagues pay Skyll points that can be used to buy into Cash paying games. Cash paying games pay $15 for finishing 1st and $5 for finishing 2nd.

Skyll Zone also offers a weekly Global Scoring Contest where top scoring teams can win additional Cash or Skyll points.

Cash paying games require 1000 Skyll points to enter, you get free points to start, can win points on the Point leagues and Skyll Zone sends you promo codes every week for Free Cash game entries.

Last year I cashed out $80, so far this year I am up to $20 in Cash winnings.

Check out my results for Week 4

Skyll Zone Week 4 results

Here is my Skyll Rating and YTD Results (thru week 3)

YTD Skyll Zone Results

Draft a team Now

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