$1 Million Dollar Playboy Fantasy Championship

The Fan Duel Playboy Fantasy Football Championship

Starting this week, Fantasy Players can win a dream trip of a Lifetime on Fan Duel…..

How would you like to spend a all expense paid week end, at the Mansion, watching your Fantasy Football team compete for a $1 million dollar prize pool?

Playboy Championship on Fanduel

How it works:

For the next 9 weeks, on every Sunday from September 21, 2014 until November 16, 2014.

Look for the $1M PFC Qualifiers on the Fan Duel NFL Lobby.

The PFC Qualifiers are $60K salary cap, allow for multiple entries and follow the normal Fan Duel Fantasy football format.

Buy-ins are just $5, $50 or $535 and each pays the top 3 finishers one of the 75 player packages to the Mansion in Los Angeles, CA. on the week end of November 22nd-23rd.

Higher entry fee qualifiers will have smaller player fields, improving your chances of qualifying.

25 additional non-playing packages will also be awarded and be invited to all the festivities at the Mansion.

Each player qualifier will be able to watch their teams play at the viewing party at the Mansion and be playing for $1 million dollars guaranteed in championship prize money

The payouts for the Nov 23, 2014 Championship Final:

1st=$150K, 2nd=$80K, 3rd=$50K, 4th=$40K, 5th=$30

6th/7th=$25K, 8th to 11th=$20K, 12th to 15th=$15K,

16th to 19th=$12.5K and 20th to 25th $10K.

Every finishing position wins cash, with a minimum win of $5000.

Trip Package includes $700 for airfare, 2 nights hotel, invitation to the Saturday welcome reception and invitation to the Sunday afternoon viewing party.

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