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DraftKings Primetime Fantasy Football Contests

DraftKings has a large schedule of fantasy leaguesDraftKings 100% Deposit Bonus that only use the Sunday and Monday night games for its player pools.

This works out well for fantasy players who won’t be able to watch the happenings on Sunday afternoon or always make the Sunday or Monday night game a party experience.

You could even set up a Private League on DraftKings for just you and your friends to make your football viewing party complete every week. Your private, Primetime league can give friends and fans the chance to see every play, every player they use and cheer themselves to fantasy victory.

When your favorite team is playing on Sunday or Monday night football, you can concentrate your efforts just on their game and watch their match up and have your all fantasy interests included.

These primetime contests will limit your player choices but will give you a chance to find that super sleeper that can put your team over the top.

The Primetime selection of leagues and contests include everything DraftKings offers a variety of buy-ins, small to large league sizes, tournaments, guarantees and satellites.

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