What is SkyllZone Fantasy Football?

SkyllZone is the Ultimate Fantasy Football Challenge, My review and opinion.

Skyll Zone for MoneyIt’s Man vs. Machine……

How good are you at fantasy football? Join instant snake drafts. Beat the Machine and win cash. Draft a new team every week. Finish drafts in minutes.

Every week you can participate in live snake drafts against 9 computer players and win cash if you finish 1st or 2nd in that 10 player league

—-It is Absolutely Free—No deposits or commitment…….

Every week is a new league, player rankings change as their match-ups do.

Why is it free? I honestly do not know. I believe it has something to do with a launch into a paid site, using the live draft concept. I however cannot verify this. Just take advantage of the opportunity while it presents itself…..

I found this site last year, I played for a few weeks and here is how I did:

My wins in 2013

You read that right, I won $80 while playing on Skyllzone last year.

Now you know why I love this site…….

Here’s a hint on how I won, I stacked my lineups with great QB-WR combo’s

You will  lose on most weeks, but they changed the payouts for 2014. Last year you had to win the league in order to w in $20 cash, this year they are paying $15 for 1st and $5 for a 2nd place finish in cash leagues.

You won’t find a better Fantasy Football deal anywhere else……

There are 2 kinds of leagues to join on SkyllZone, Points leagues and Cash leagues.

Points league payout Skyll points which can then be used to buy into Cash Paying leagues. Cash leagues cost 1000 Skyllpoints to join.”

Since it is a free game, there are limits to how many contests you can join.

Points leagues are limited to 5 per player per week. Cash leagues are limited to 10 per player,  per week.

Points leagues will pay every finishing spot Skyll points with 300 going to 1st place. Play every points league you can, you will accumulate points on each and when you hit 1000 you can draft a Cash league.

Skyll Zone is a no-download PC game and only requires a simple name and address to play.

can be played anywhereIf you wish (I know I did) you can download the Skyllzone iPhone app and draft anywhere, anytime and watch live scoring of all your leagues.

The Computer Opponents on Skyllzone are very savvy, they use a Draft Algorithm that takes the weekly match ups into account and very often, you’ll see higher ranked players not being taken until later rounds.

I plan on using some of their thinking this year when setting line-ups on some of my DFS teams. For example on week one, some of the computer players are picking higher ranked RB’s in like the 4th or 5th round. That tells me their match-up is not good and maybe I should avoid using that RB on my salary cap teams that week.

Skyllzone Scoring

Scoring is pretty much the Standard Fantasy Football format.

Your line up includes: QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, Flex (RB,WR or TE), K, DEF and 2 bench.

Why bench players on a weekly line-up? Just in case you drafted a player on the injury report, use these spots to replace him.

TD = 4 points
Every 1 yard = .04 point (1 per 25 yards)

TD = 6 points
Every 1 yard = .1 points (1 per 10 yards)
Each reception = 1 point

FG 50+ yards = 5 points
FG 40-49 yards = 4 points
FG 0-39 yards = 3 points
PAT = 1 point

Defense/Special Teams
Zero Points Scored Against, a “Defensive Shutout” = 10 points
2 to 6 Points Scored Against = 7 points
7 to 13 Points Scored Against = 5 points
14 to 20 Points Scored Against = 3 points
21 to 28 points = 1 point
29+ points = 0 points
Defense TD = 6 points
Kick/Punt Return TD = 6 points
Fumble recovery = 2 points
Interception = 2 points
Safety = 2 points
Sack = 1 point

The more you play, the more you can win….Play as many points games and cash paying games as you can each and every week……

There is a weekly overall scoring prize pool.

Winning any league is nice, but if you are one of the top 100 scoring teams on any one week, you’ll see even more in cash payouts.

Finish in the top 100 scorers on any one week (against everyone who plays) and win prizes based on this schedule:

Skyll Zone will pay the top 100 scores every week of the NFL Fantasy Season $5,000 in Cash Rewards

$5000 Global Awards  in Weekly Payouts

1st     $1,000
2nd     $500
3rd     $300
4th – 10th     $100
11th – 20th     $50
21st – 100th     $25

These will be paid each and every week on Skyllzone……

Skyllzone is also holding a season long event for all their players.

Just win any one league on any week and you’ll be entered into the $100K Tournament of Champions. You will be limited to 10 entries in the $100K, but the money will be there for the taking……

$100,000 Tournament of Championship Payouts

1st     $25,000Tournament of Champions
2nd     $10,000
3rd – 5th     $2,500
6th – 50th     $250
51st – 100th     $125
101st – 500th     $100


I really enjoyed my games on Skyllzone last year, not only because I won, but I got some of my buddies at work to join and loved the fact they didn’t win S#@*, and I did……….

Check out Skyll Zone to see what I am talking about, you’ll be glad you did……….



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