Have you tried the Sugar Pop Slot?

Have you seen the the Sugar Pop slot on Vegas.lv?

If you love Crushing Candy like millions of players do.

You’ll find the Sugar Pop Slot on Slots.lv a gameSugar Pop Slot you really want to crush.


The more you Crush the Candies, the more you can Win……..

How it plays:

Sugar Pop is a 5 by 5 candy board that drops a new board of candies as you hit play (The green arrow at base of board).

Candy Popping and forming new combinationsAs you hit combinations of 3, 4 or 5 or more (straight line and “L” shapes) of the same candies,  you win credits based on those candy values and those then “Pop” (explode) and more candies drop down to make new combinations.

Combinations of  similar candies all qualify for payouts, so if you have 6, 7, 8, 9 or more of the same candies in a connected line you will win the total number of same candies times the value of those candies.

Check out this shot for a example of a 48 coin win.

48 Coin Win

Another nice payout:

48 credit win

Multiple Wins:

One winning 3 candy combo can cascade down into multiple candy combo wins, as those candies “pop”. Those wins will then “pop” and can cascade into even more combo wins. This continues until all combo’s / wins are complete and paid out to your bankroll.

As you play special candies will appear and give more chances for multiple wins.

The Special Lollipop is really neat, when it drops to the board, it will move to the center of the board then spin all the candies into new combination to make even more winning combo’s.

Lollipop Spin feature

I also have seen the Carmel Chew in action, it will move in random directions and change candies where ever it moves, adding more chance’s for more combo’s and even  bigger wins.

Sugar Pop Levels:

You can advance in levels as you play.  Higher levels earn more special candies and larger payouts.

The move from level 1 to level 2 is 1000 credits won.

Sugar Pop will remember where you left off playing, just like the popular candy game.  You advance levels by credits won, so your level credits are saved and your total credits won are saved.

You can continue on your Sugar Pop quest when ever you choose, exactly where you stopped..

You will see the very familiar:  “Sweet”, “Delicious”, “Tasty” after nice wins.


Play Details:

Sugar Pop can be played at 2¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢ and $1 limits.

Betting consists of 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 units each play.

Slots.lv will give you a Free $22 bankroll for just signing up here.

Why Not Give yourself a Free chance to Crush the Sugar Pop Slot?

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After you sign up, click the Face Book Freebie link on Slots.lv

Just like them on the Slots.lv Facebook page and share the profile picture, then send slots.lv a Facebook message with your Slots.lv acct number and get a additional $10 Free Slot play to play on Sugar Pop or any other slot you choose.

You can find the  Sugar Pop Slot on the Slots tab on the main Vegas.lv lobby

My Opinion of Sugar Pop:

I am a devoted crusher of candy (especially while at work), so I know the game very well (I’m at level 426, since last Christmas.).

The first time I tried Sugar Pop with my free bankroll, I played for about a hour at the 2¢ version, moved up a level and ended up a small $2 winner.

Sugar Pop is as excellent of a combination of a real money video slot and a casual play game you can find.

That being said, I like it.

Now you have to keep in mind you cannot actually move the candies to make winning combos which is really aggravating.

The basic concept of this candy slot is fun, but you really have to rely on multiple wins to get a really big win,  the higher levels will accommodate that need for big wins.

It is a fun way (as long as you stay at the 2c and 5c limits) for you Crushers of Candy to play for something more than just beating your friends on Face Book.

Candy Values and Pay lines:

Sugar Pop Pay Table

Special Candies:

Sugar Pop Special Symbols

Advancing a Level on Sugar Pop:

Level Up on Sugar Pop

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