$100,000 GTD Tournament on BetCoin Poker

The Worlds First Bit Coin $100K / 150 BTC Tournament

I had a feeling this was going to happen sooner or later…..

Bet Coin Poker is part of the Winning Poker Network……..

When Betcoin Poker first launched, the fact that Winning Poker Networkthey used the exact same software as the Winning Poker network intrigued me. I could not get a definitive answer from any of my sources at Americas Cardroom, but I also did not get any denial.

Now the Winning Poker Network has announced a partnership with Bet Coin Poker for the worlds first $100K tournament where players can buy-in with Bit Coins.

You can also play the $100K on Americas Cardroom the Winning Poker Networks Real Money Flagship Poker room.

Big BTC Poker MoneyThe July 13, 2014, 7PM ET start will be a big day and time for players who have found the ease of Bit Coin transactions and now they can play in the Biggest BTC Poker Tournament Ever……..

The $100K / 150BTC GTD is a .336 BTC  ($215) buy-in, re-entry tournament, 10000 chip deep stack and 15 minute blinds.

Keep in mind the details are using current BTC values and may change before the tournament.

The Winning Poker network  is also incorporating a large portion of their daily Tournament schedule on to Betcoin (further proof), this is a fantastic opportunity for BTC players.

Betcoin is including the Daily Big Ten Tournaments offered on Americas Cardroom on their schedule (another huge first) this will give BTC Players on Betcoin the chance for huge guaranteed tournament offerings every day that no other BTC Poker Room can come close to offering……..

Another added feature, ACR runs $10 (15 Betcoin chips) On-Demand tournaments all day long, Bet Coin is also adding them to their schedule, giving players a chance for free money all day long.

Important: Most BTC poker players are used to playing in relatively small (like dozens of players) tournament fields, these tournaments may see 100’s of players in each tournament, which is not what you may be used to playing in……

I got the following e-mail from Bet Coin poker announcing the event and complete details on how buy-ins will be arranged.

Here’s the announcement and details exactly as I received them:

It’s time for bitcoin & litecoin poker players to make LIFE CHANGING MONEY! BetcoinPoker.com is excited to announce shared tournament access with the WPN. At BetcoinPoker.com you can now play in BIG tournaments daily including the 150 btc ($100,000) gtd monthly, 75 btc ($50,000) gtd weekly and 10 BIG gtd tournaments ranging from 0.5 btc to up to 20 btc daily and still receive all of the benefits of playing with bitcoin at BetcoinPoker.com including INSTANT DEPOSITS and INSTANT WITHDRAWALS.   Also, 15 chip ($10) on demand freerolls run all day and night giving you a chance to build your bankroll for FREE.

How it works
You can access the tournaments by logging into the BetcoinPoker.com poker client or logging into the poker web version and clicking the tourney button. You can then select from among BetcoinPoker.com specific tournaments or shared tournaments. If you select a shared tournament and click register you will be shown the buyin amount in USD as well as the total btc in your account. Under the total in your account you will see a conversion of the dollar amount into the btc amount in chips. When you click register, the chip amount will be deducted from your wallet and you will have purchased the tournament chip amount for the USD amount with btc at the current market rate.

Instant withdrawal of your winnings
The tournament will be played with the chips purchased. You are simply purchasing chips with your btc for the dollar amount of those chips and playing in the tournament with the chips. When the tournament is complete, your winnings will be converted back into your chips / btc amount based on the current market rate of USD to btc. You will then be free to withdraw them instantly.

The tournaments offer truly life changing money for very low buyins including the 150 BTC GTD Tournament Sunday, July 13, 2014!

150 BTC GTD Tournament
It’s time to get your share of 150 btc ($100,000!) On July 13th at 7:00pm Est, BetcoinPoker.com players will have an opportunity to win a share of over 150 btc!

The tournament will feature 15 minute levels and 10,000 starting chips with a buyin of the current market rate of 0.313 btc or 313 chips plus 0.02347 btc 23 chips ($200+$15) you get the opportunity to win life changing money!

150 BTC ($100,000) Guaranteed
Date and Time: Sunday July 13th, 2014 at 7pm ET
Buy-in: 0.313 btc + 0.023 btc ($200+15)
10,000 Starting chips

If the 0.313 btc + 0.023 btc ($200+15) buyin is a bit steep for your bankroll BetcoinPoker.com is running a ton of satellites leading up to the event in which you can secure your entry for as little as FREE to secure your entry.

So what are you waiting for? Why not take your shot at life changing money? Check out our qualifiers in the tournament lobby and secure your seat today.

Benefits of playing with bitcoin
– INSTANT DEPOSITS and INSTANT WITHDRAWALS – Play with your money fast and withdraw it immediately with no bs.
– Micro-Deposits – You can deposit as little as 0.001 current value of $0.65 and play instantly.
– Play anywhere in the world, because bitcoin transactions are peer to peer.

Please let us know if you have questions and login to www.BetcoinPoker.com today!

Also, later today we will be announcing the 1 btc (1,000 chip) GTD and one satellite seat to the 150 btc GTD event on Sunday, July 13, 2014 Thank You and New Tournament Schedule FREEROLL to thank all of our players for their support. All of our active players will be invited to this freeroll and then we hope the winner goes off to win their share of 150 btc in the July 13th tournament.

Also, be sure to checkout BetcoinSports.com and BetcoinCasino.com for the full experience in bitcoin & litecoin online gaming.

About BetcoinPoker.com
Featuring the most dynamic poker interface in the bitcoin and litecoin space, BetcoinPoker.com combines all the best aspects of an online poker website. With INSTANT DEPOSITS and INSTANT WITHDRAWALS, and now access to some of the largest tournaments in the online poker market, BetcoinPoker.com is working hard to become your bitcoin & litecoin poker destination. BetcoinPoker.com also features immediate rakeback, VIP Player’s club, tournaments and SnG’s, in depth player statistics, player notes, theme selection, instant hand history, game replayer, private / password protected games and tournaments and much more! BetcoinPoker.com is also own the network with BetcoinCasino.com and BetcoinSports.com offering a full gaming experience.


BetcoinPoker.com Team

Bet Coin Poker

The BetCoin Poker room uses the exact same software, utilizes the exact same features and is by-far the Best software available to BTC Poker Players in the world. Join me on July 13th for this memorable event…….

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