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We highlighted K8 Poker on our last post, here are our initial thoughts and comments on K8 “Kate” Poker

Like we said, K8 Poker is one of the newer BTC Poker rooms, less than 6 months old,  we deposited a small 200 chip amount (about $10) and played to see what they are all about.K8 Poker

First off, I never heard of K8 poker, until last Saturday. They actually E-mailed me,  asking if I would consider reviewing their Poker site.

I did a quick search and found them, I looked around and decided I would give them a shot, so I made a small deposit to give them a try.

I then E-mailed to their support with a few questions.

Our inquiry to K8 poker was responded to within hours (a really good sign to start).

Here is their response (from Alex)

Dear Robert

Thank you for your prompt answer. Regarding your questions:

1. When are your peak traffic times, what is the most player traffic you have ever had?

-> Its usually from 20:00 to 00:00 GMT . We have 3 games, Poker, Roulette and Slots, most user online was 1023, and most player in poker room was 117 . 

2. How long have you been up and running?  Where are you based?

-> Near 6 month. We are new, but had a great progress. Currently we are based in Denmark.

3. Have you considered a Deposit Bonus?  

-> As we are offering anonymous registrations is hard to manage Deposit Bonus. But maybe in future we will find a solution for it.

4. Can you give me more details on your player point program? 

-> Its very simple. Its the square root of total rake paid by each player. We update this once per week. Currently we have 5 levels for players. 

5. What is the new Rakeback system?

-> We recently added Rakeback function. Players can get from 2% up to 40% rakeback based on their point and level.

I hope you will enjoy playing at K8Poker.

The freerolls are every 2-3 hours, so it will cover all time zones.

You had asked for the search term, I don’t exactly remember, but I was searching for poker reviews which I find your website.

If you need anything or have any questions please don’t hesitate and just send me an email.

Kind regards,
Kate Poker Support Team,
Their support team was fast to respond to my questions and answered each.
This fast response made me even more curious to play the next chance I could,
My first real tournament I played on Kate Poker was the 1 chip buy-in / 100 chip GTD on Monday afternoon.
Here’s how I did:
100 Chip GTD on K8 Poker
I’m Usalegal and I managed a 2nd place win of 28 chips (on a 1 chip buy-in, I used no re-buys)
Here are more details of that tournament:
Entrants:         20
Removed:          1 (1455 chips)
Rebuys:           28
Prize pool:       100
Places paid:      4
Place #1:         45
Place #2:         28
Place #3:         17
Place #4:         10
Total time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Kate Poker has a somewhat limited tournament schedule as we write this review.
The best  tournament to play on Kate Poker is probably the Sunday 1K GTD at 3PM ET, it has a 9.5+.5 chip buy-in (10 chips), 3000 chip stack with 10 minute blinds and re-buys  for the first 5 levels.
If the Sunday 1K anything like the 100 GTD I placed 2nd in, you can expect to win a little something with little effort……
No shows for all tournaments will be removed from play after the first level, this is key especially if you play on their free rolls and 1 chip buy-in tournaments.
The tournament schedule is rather light on choices right now, but I’m sure will intensify as player traffic increases.
Currently you will only find 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 chip buy-in and a 100 chip buy-in HU tournament offered.
I seen mostly Hold-em tournaments listed, but there is at least one PLO tournament listed.
Kate Poker uses standard level structures of 5, 6, 8 and 10 minute blinds
Default Blind Levels
Default Blind Levels
Ring Games include: .10/.20, .25/.50 up to 25/50 games in NLHE and PLO
2 and 5 chip buy-in (6 max) Sit’n’Go’s are listed on their Tournament lobby
Something to note about the tournaments and ring tables, they only use 8 handed tables I don’t know why, but they not as hard to beat as a 9 handed table, these tables often only play 6 and 7 handed, making them easy prey for expert short handed (6max) players.
I also went online this past Monday morning at 6AM to find a .10/.20 cash game going, it had 5 players including me, most were ROW players from countries like France, Belarus, Indonesia and Antarctica.
Most players on K8 are from the U.S., they state 28% U.S. Players as a total.
I personally seen mostly players from everywhere, including the UK, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, France and others.
There were players chatting in their native languages, of which I had no clue as to what they were saying. I was like WTF, speak English or be quiet.
Kate Poker definitely has found a worldwide player base.
My small sample of play earned me the first step on their Rake back program, here are the Rake back tiers they offer:
Rakeback levels
I am currently at the 2% rake back level and I didn’t even try, lets see how long it takes to advance up the Rake back ladder.
Kate Poker uses the Poker Maven software in it’s purest form, no additions or subtractions—it is more than stable, it was a joy, I did not get disconnected once on this browser software. One thing to note, the turn clock is set at 15 seconds, be ready to make some quick decisions when playing.
Kate Poker Table View:
Table View K8 Poker
Is it the best software ever? No, but it is more than what you could consider adequate for the micro limit play offered.
Kate Poker uses Bit Coins as it’s currency, 1 BTC = 10000 chips.
Currently a BTC equals about $450, so a chip ($450/10000) is worth about 4.5¢ each.
Most Every ring table buy-in and tournament buy-in is priced at 1 to 20 chips (about 5¢ to $1).
I am sure this will increase as time and player traffic increases, but now it is perfect for any one who plays Micro stakes or Free roll winnings.
Kate Poker only charges 2.5% on their ring game rake  and 5% tournament fees.
Banking on K8 Poker is super easy using Bit Coins, I used my deposit code as my withdrawal code on another BTC Poker room and had my deposit done within a hour on Sunday morning.
Deposit Screen
If you don’t have a BTC wallet, just sign-up to Coinbase Here, set up a BTC wallet account, then just link your bank account (for buying and selling BTC) and buy some  BTC (you can buy in $10 increments) and deposit on Kate Poker, you’ll be playing within hours.
Withdrawals will happen within an hour (sometimes faster) and no longer than 12 hours. Once you get your withdrawal on your BTC wallet like CoinBase, you will see your money deposited into your Bank account within a couple of days.
Minimum Withdrawal on K8 Poker is 500 chips, about $20 at the current BTC Price. K8 Poker will accept almost any size Deposit.
Kate Poker Withdrawal Screen.
Withdrawal Screen

All you need to do is put your BTC Wallet address in the BTC address on the screen to get your withdrawal.

I really think Kate Poker has some real potential as a BTC Poker Room, Player traffic is decent, not great, you will be able to find a micro limit ring game or tournament when you  visit them.

Visit K8 “Kate” Poker to see what I am talking about.

If you have a bug to play more than Poker, Kate Poker offers Roulette and a simple Slot Machine that is straight forward and basic as basic can be……

Traditional Slot Machine on Kate Poker

You can bet 1 to 5 chips (coins), have a single win line and use the traditional symbols 7’s, Bar’s, Bells, Lemons, Oranges, Plums and Cherries.

What could be more traditional???????????

Classic Slots on K8

The Roulette wheel on Kate Poker is as realistic as you could find online, the wheel will spin one way and the ball travels in the opposite direction, just like a real wheel in Vegas……

The only bad thing is there is a 5 chip total limit on wagers, that’s the max no matter how you place them……..

Roulette on K8

Try Roulette and Classic Slots on Kate Poker Now

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