Have you Seen what Full Flush Poker is offering new Players?

Full Flush Poker has a offer I haven’t seen on a Poker Room in many years…..

A Instant 20% Cash Bonus on any deposit of $50 or more!

20% in Free Poker Bankroll

20% in Free Poker Bankroll on Full Flush Poker

That’s right, if you come up with a $100 deposit, you”ll get $120 to play instantly on your account.

Now, you will see some online Casinos offer Bonuses like this, but it is not often you’ll see a Poker Room give their players Instant Bonus Money.

It has been at least 10 years since I’ve seen a offer like this on any Internet Poker Room..

That’s not all, the original $100 deposited will qualify for a additional 150% Bonus (another $150) on Full Flush.

This is indeed a rare offer, that should be taken advantage of while it is still on the table.

I had heard of Full Flush Poker a while ago, but I just downloaded them this past Monday and started playing to see what they were all about.

Here is my Preview of Full Flush Poker.

Hurry to deposit and play on Full Flush, I’m sure this offer won’t last long.


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