The Beast Rake Race Week 2

How much did the Beast on ACR  payout last week?

Last week we posted a breakdown of how the The Beast UnleashedBeast Rake Race on ACR adapted to the New Free Format.

We took daily readings once again to see how the Jackpot progressed last week.

Saturday 4/12 8AM $12,036, 5PM $13,111

Sunday 4/13 6AM $15,634, 5PM $17,067

Monday 4/14 5AM $19,980, 5:30PM $21,358

Tuesday 4/15 1PM $25,086

Wednesday 4/16 4PM $29,577

Thursday 4/17 8AM $32,659, 4PM $33,762

Friday 4/18 8AM $37,070, 4:30PM $38, 151

These daily totals show a consistent increase of $4K per day on the Beast.

The past week, ending at midnight April 19, The Beast paid out a total of $29,850. The first week of the free Beast paid out $36,689.

This is $29K in free money that ACR is paying back to players on the Beast.

90 players won Cash, First place paid $2980 while finishing 90th won $104.

137 players collected $55 tournament seats to the April 27th LSOP Millions II seat package event.

Other ACR news:


ACR increased the buy-in on the nightly Big Ten $12.5K GTD to $30 (28+2)

This can be good for players, the Tournament still guarantees $12.5 K but  has had a slight impact on total players involved. The first couple of nights at the new buy-in I’ve seen 380 to 400 runners each night, smaller fields are a little less taxing to win and it lowers the number of positions paid, so each time you cash, you will win more.

$20K High Roller

Starting on May 4th at 6:30PM ET look for the 20K High Roller tournament.

This new tournament has a 10K chip stack, 20 minute blinds and $20,000 guarantee with a buy-in of $530.

Look for satellites starting on April 27th on the main tournament lobby

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