How soft are tournaments on Americas Cardroom

Just, How easy is it to cash out on a Tournament on Americas Cardroom?

This is coming from a just average poker player (Ok, maybe a slightly above average player…..).

Depending on your own criteria, what is a average player?

I consider a average player is someone who can play break even poker over a long period of time.

How long? Maybe a 6 to 12 month period without having to re-invest (re load/re-deposit online) in themselves to continue playing.

I started playing this morning (April 15th at 12PM ET) on ACR.

I have played in 3 tournaments (Player name: PokerintheUSA)

Here is exactly what I have done so far today:

55c On-Demand $25 GTD

This was a $7 win.

This was a $5.55 win.

$2.20 PLO H/L Tournament

PLO Tournament Finish

$5.50 Big Ten $1K GTD

NLHE $5     $1K GTD Finish

I am PokerintheUSA, on all of these tournaments.

I did not win any of these tournaments, but I did cash a small win in each.

Cashing any win is always your goal when playing any tournament.

I bought in for 55c+$2.20+$5.50 a total of $8.20

I cashed out $5.55+$3.20 and $9.13 a total of $17.88

I won $9.68 in about 6 hours of play

If you can play a simple and basic poker  strategy, combined with some tight bankroll management, you can do like I did.

Just win a few bucks daily and your poker bankroll will grow slowly but surely.

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