The “Beast” Point Race on Americas Cardroom

How have the April 5th changes affected the Beast and the prize pool?

Last Saturday, Americas Cardroom updated their Weekly Beast Point Race to a completely Poker Room funded Jackpot, no extra fees are taken to feed the “Beast”

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I was wondering how the switch to the new “Totally Free Beast Jackpot” would affect the total paid out to players.

ACR now is taking a percentage (2c from every 6c up to 24c total) of their rake to fund the Beast Jackpot and no longer charging a additional fee to play the Beast tables.

All Ring Games are now included in the Beast and now ACR will also be using the Weighted Contribution method of rake, this means whatever you actually contribute to the rake, you will get credited for it.

That too is great news for your clearing your Deposit Bonus Faster and increasing your Rake Back totals.

The last full week (ending 4/5/2014) of ACR charging the additional 25c rake per hand to fund the JP paid out a total of $36,689 in prizes to players.

Prior to the April 5th switch, The Beast paid the following during the first 3 months of 2014:

March Total Paid: $199,686 (5 week total)

February Total Payouts: $200,542 (4 week total)

January Total Payouts: $193,779 (4 week total)

January 15th to 31st Beast Race Payments (2 week race) $98,523 Paid in Cash and Tournament Seats

January 1st to 15th Beast Race Payments (2 week race) $95,256 Paid in Cash and Tournament Seats

During the first 3 months of 2014 The Beast paid out $594,007 over 13 weeks, this averaged out to around $45,692 a week.

Last weeks $36,689 was undoubtedly lower as players knew the change was coming and slowed their play.

I took some random samples of the Beast Jackpot during the first week of the change over April 5 to April 11 and here is what I found:

Keep in mind that ACR reseeds the Beast JP to start a new week, The weekly Beast runs from Saturday at 00:01 until Friday at 23:59 every week and this is only a small one week sample, but it should be indicative of how things will start to play out as time passes.

Sunday 4/6 at 8 AM $17, 707

Monday 4/7 at 6 AM $22,046 and 3PM $22,922

Tuesday 4/8 at 2:30 PM $28,261

Wednesday 4/9 at 3:30 PM $33,079

Thursday 4/10 at 6 AM $36,098 and 4:30PM $37,255

Friday 4/11 at 6 AM $40, 070

The New Week  Saturday 4/12 at 8AM started at $12,036

Overall the Jackpot increased at a rate of about $4.5K per day

The first week of the New Beast format actually paid $31,807 to players.

Compared to the 2014 average of $45,692 the Jackpot is down, but you need to realize this is now $31K that ACR is kicking back directly to their players and it is only the first week of the new format.

Under the new method ACR is now contributing a max of 24c from their rake and only when the total pot reaches $1.20, so fewer hands contribute to the jackpot now than when the flat 25c fee was charged to the players on any raked pot previously.

ACR anticipates that increased play will more than make up the difference.

It does look like play on the ring games has definitely increased and will most likely keep increasing as more players find the value that is being given.

New contribution rates

April 5th Beast Rake

I will continue to monitor the Beast Jackpot and will update you again next week.

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