Online Poker Update reachs 20,000 hits…….

It happened last evening, this website hit the 20K mark in readership…..

Now a days, that doesn’t seem like a big deal,20K readers but for our little part of the web it is huge…….

We don’t have the flash, we don’t have the big names, the celebrities, all we have is you………………..

Who are we?

We’re the regular guys (and gals), the average every day guy, the hard working put in long hours guy, the tax paying never seem to get ahead type of guys.

We are the players who love Poker and want to play as often as possible, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but we always have a great time trying……….

Most of all, we’re your friends, co-workers and neighbors next door who manage to find all the things Poker (the best deals) we’re all looking for……………..

All we look for is a way to enjoy our free time, play some cards and maybe win a couple of bucks here and there.

Here at Online Poker Update, we will continue our promise to keep you up to date on all the best places to play, find you the best deals and make your Poker dollar go a little farther and hopefully make you a winner……….

Thank you for your continued support,

Robert Alan


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