Last NFL Fantasy Football Free Roll until next Season

Fantasy Football Fans,

Here is your last chance to make some hay this season.

Just join DraftStreet to play in it,

Draft Street is your homeThe Best Free Roll for daily play fantasy sports, where you can play today, win today and collect your Cash today……

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Last Chance $10,000 Free Roll Details:

The First Ever $10,000 Big Game Contest!

Since there is only one game, this league has a special format.

Draft any 6 players regardless of their positions and stay under the $100K salary cap.

Expect a large player field and some expensive salaries for top player talent (so it won’t be easy!).

NFL Games will be listed and available for sign-up by 2PM ET on this coming Tuesday.

You will need to be a registered player, then go to Facebook to like them, then click the link, sign in and you will be ready to go.

DraftStreet restricts their Special Free Rolls tightly and they are not listed anywhere on the contest lobby, direct registration via thier link is required.

The top 500 finishers on the free roll will win a free $22 entry to the NBA $150,000 Big Score

The DraftStreet NBA $150K Big Score is on February 5th, allows 7500 max players, pays the top 150 finishers, 1st=$50,000 (you’ll have to know a little something about the NBA)

To get into the last chance Fantasy Football Free Roll, just follow these two easy steps:

STEP 1: Join DraftStreet, “Like” the Draftstreet page on Facebook!
STEP 2: Draftstreet will post a exclusive link to the Big Game Contest before this Sunday, 2/2/2014!
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