Play Sochi Olympic Fantasy Hockey

What is Fantasy Hockey doing here?

Well if you are like me, you keep yourself busy playing fantasy sports when not at the poker tables.

Fantasy Feud has set up a full schedule of weekly 2014 Sochi Olympic Hockey contests Starting February 12th with the first face off on Olympic Hockey play.

The Olympics feature the Best of the Best NHL players representing their home countries from around the world and is without a doubt, the best hockey a hockey fan can watch (speed, passing and scoring).

These are weekly contests and will only count total points scored (Goals and assists).

Buy-ins start at just a $1 and there are plenty of free rolls if that fits your budget.

You can play Salary Cap games or Pick-ems,

Olympic Fantasy schedule on FF

Salary Cap Draft Room

Fantasy Olympic Hockey on Fantasy Feud

Pick-em Draft room

Fantasy Hockey Pick-em Draft Room

Visit Fantasy Feud and set up a account and get in the all the Olympic Hockey action and cheer for more than your favorite team, Cheer yourself to a Fantasy win…….

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