Free Rolls On-Demand at ACR

On Demand Freerolls are available 24 hours a day on Americas Cardroom.

Are you looking for a chance to start a Free Roll Poker Bankroll now?

A new free roll is posted on ACR  (on the SNG tab) as soon as the late registration of the previous one ends, and just as soon as the required minimum amount of required entrants registers, it begins!

This means there is a free roll stating almost every 40 minutes on Americas Cardroom.

These are 1500 chip stack, have 10 minute blinds, 30 minute late registration and the top ten finishers win Cash.

Look for about 400 to 500 entries, these will last about 2 to 3 hours

Play these Often, ACR has a unique leaderboard promo JUST for this On Demand Freerolls.

It is a points race that last for two weeks each, and ACR will award tournament entries to the top 10 point earners, during each period.

Race periods run 1st to 15th each month and 16th to last day of each month.

First Race winner will receive tickets to tournaments on the 4th Sunday of the month and 2nd race winners will receive tickets for the 2nd Sunday of the following month.

This is a very winnable race, just finish somewhere on a final table everyday and you’ll definitely have a chance.

Scoring anywhere from 50 points or higher will be very competitive on this race.

Point Scoring:

Make any final table on a On-Demand Freeroll to score points.

1st=10, 2nd=9, 3rd=8 4th=7, etc. all the way down to 10th which gets 1 point.

First Place scores $270 worth of tournament entries! $215 Sunday ticket and a $55 Beast Tournament ticket.

2nd to 10th place each receive a $55 Beast Tournament ticket.

Free Rolls on ACR

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