Sit n Go Races in December on Americas Cardroom

Here are the details of the New and Improved SnG Race which will start on December 1, 2013 on ACR

This is exactly as the Tournament Director onTurn $1 into Lotsa $1 Americas Cardroom has described how it will work.

Please find below the details of our new SNG race:-

1. How to earn points-each time you pay $1 in fees, you will receive 5 race points. Please note that you will be paying no additional fees to participate in the Sit & Go race. Americas Cardroom is redistributing 24-26% approximately from the standard fees on all Sit & Gos back into the leader board where the players who earned the most points based on volume at the end of the month will receive the corresponding cash pay-out.

2. Start and Finish Time-Each Sit & Go race is a month long and begins on the 1st day of every month at 12 am and finishes the last day of every month at 12 am.

3. Qualifying Sit & Gos-Every type of Sit & Go earns points towards the race with the exception of Heads Up Sit & Gos. These include both On Demand Sit & Gos and Double or nothing Sit & Gos.

4. How to earn extra points-Early bird points will be rewarded for those players who are the first to enter On Demand tournaments. For example-In an 18 person On Demand tournament that requires 18 to start, those first 18 players will receive quadruple points. Those who register during the late registration period will receive double points.

5. Happy Hours-Certain hours of the day will qualify as Happy Hours in which players get double the normal points for all Sit & Gos played in that time frame. Happy Hours will be posted a week before each contest starts. ACR management reserves the right to add additional Happy Hours during a race with a week’s notice.

6. An example of a Sit & Go before and after the new race starts:-
Before – $100 Regular 9-Max with a $9 fee
After – $100 Regular 9-Max with a $6.75 fee with $2.25 going towards the leader board

What we think,

This is exactly what a lot of  low limit and casual players were looking for, a Sit n go contest where you have a chance to actually win something.

No additional rake will be taken from players to fund this race, the prize pool will be generated from the normal SNG fees paid….24 to 26% (of SNG fees) will be paid back as race winnings………

This will make playing SNG’s a even better value when you consider the value you are getting from the 100% Deposit Bonus offered on ACR…..

The On-Demand Tournament portion is an outstanding addition.

These are very popular tournaments that have drawn many players to ACR and the Winning Poker Network, mostly newer players and have given small limit players a “round the clock” tournament schedule that everyone can play.

This Promotion will award 4X and 2X points for players who elect early registration (4X) or even just play (2X) On Demand tournaments.

We do not know when the Happy Hours will be, my guess would be early mornings or early afternoons, but they will make earning points a little easier for players on-line at those times.

We will be adding more details as they become available and let you know thew latest as we get more information.

We can’t wait to see how this plays out, once players see the work in progress.

I think the action on the SNG room on ACR will be a lot more fun……..

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