PokerRebel Update July 14, 2013

Success on “The Bridge”

Poker Rebels $100 Sunday Free Roll had 53 players on July 14, 2013.

This to honest is the first one we actually sat all the way through, it took about 1 and 1/2 hours and we finished a solid 3rd and scooped up $11……

Free Roll win on PokerRebel

They send e-mails to the winners………………..

I know what your saying, Big Deal…. eleven bucks!

Well it is!

It’s not just the win, it’s that PokerRebels has made many Improvements since we last reported on the $100 Bridge Free Roll and PokerRebels.

The first big Improvement was my winnings were instantly credited to my account, previous winners had to wait a day before receiving their winnings.

Sucess, you can win on PokerRebels

As you can see, the tournament lobby now shows more information and updates continually. Some of the new content on the lobby now shows a definitive payout structure and a complete blind listing, these were not available before.

PokerRebels has taken the many player suggestions for improving their software and implemented them in a very timely manner.

Payouts on The Bridge now include the top 20 finishers,

$25 going to the winner. 2nd=$13, 3rd=$11,4th=$9, 5th=$8, 6th=$7, 7th=$6, 8th=$5, 9th=$4 and 10th=$2. Finish 11 to 20th and it’s a free $1

The Blind structure now has 8 minute levels and is set so the sit outs are blinded off within the hour. This makes the tournament move very quickly and still leaves players plenty of time to play their cards without being forced to play cards because of the fast blinds.

Other Software Improvements include:

Folded cards now disappear from the table only active hands will show.

The bet slider has been modified to show full chip bets and is no longer in .01 increments.

PokerRebels is listening and making their site Player Friendly

The player traffic on PokerRebels is still rather light, a $100 Freeroll held at 2PM ET on a Sunday you would think would see more than 53 players.

I have seen a lot more talk about PokerRebels on some of the Poker Forums online this past week and have read stories of player cash outs that only took a few days after the details were worked out.

With the Free No Deposit $10 start up Bonus, there is no reason for players not to give PokerRebels a try and see if they build a bankroll from no investment on their part.

Free $10 on PokerRebel

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