Here’s an interesting E-mail I received

Cafrino is looking for players on their Free No deposit Poker Site and have come up with this interesting player recruitment program,

I just might sign-up and see what happens the next couple of weeks………..

Here’s the actual E-mail (nothing is edited)


Multi Table Tournament THIS SUNDAY (14 JULY) 9PM EST

Join 85 others by REGISTERING NOW

We’ll add 50 cents to the next tournament’s pot for each player who sits this tournament!

That’s right … this week, we introduce Cafrino Player Pots!

157 of you sat for our Multi Table Poker Tournament last Sunday. So we did 157 x $0.50, and made the prize for this Sunday’s tournament $78.50.

If you can get more of your friends to register, and actually sit to play at 9AM EST this Sunday, you will have a bigger pot to play for next week!

If 200 of you sit to play this Sunday, next week’s prize will be $100. If 300 of you sit, the prize next week will be $150. If 2000 sit, the prize will be $1,000!

So, choose the prize by sitting your asses down, and by spreading the word to get your friends to jump onto the Cafrino bandwagon!


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