Poker Rebel $100 Free Roll

Free $10 on PokerRebel

We played on the weekly “The Bridge” a $100 Free Roll held on every Sunday.

The Bridge has a $100 prize pool, that pays the final table (Top 10 finishers).

1st=$35, 2nd=$20, 3rd=$10, 4th to 10th place each receives $5

You start with a 1500 chip stack and the blinds are 5 minutes each. You will be at the final table within an hour and the entire tournament will be done in about a hour and a half.

Today’s Free Roll (June 30,2013) had 60 players.

Poker Rebels $100 FreeRoll

A Quick Review on the PokerRebel software

A few things you should know about playing on the software…..

  • It will take some time to get used to the bet slider, it is very sensitive and increases in small amounts, like 2¢…it is kinda difficult to size your bets. With practice you should have enough control, just be aware when you first start playing.
  • Your play turn times out rather quickly, especially if you are not used to using the bet slider, you must act within 10 seconds or you will be folded out.
  • Be aware that when a player folds, his hand, the folded cards do not go away, the cards are still there–the only difference is the cards on folded hands show a small grey spade, the cards on live hands show a small black spade–this can be very confusing.
  • Do not count on the hand history showing you anything but who bet, folded, raised or checked–NO CARDS are shown in the hand history and you will only know who won. Hand history is the little boxed  to the left of the chat box.
  • On show downs, no one’s cards are not displayed you have no idea what is happening until the hand is over and the pot is passed to the winner(s).
  • You can add player notes by right clicking the players name.
  • The tournament lobby kinda lags behind on tournament updates, like blind level, largest stack, smallest stack, average stack, ranking of players left, chip stacks for remaining players, just the players finishing position is listed on the player list. Also the lobby doe’s not show tournament payouts either in amount of positions paid.

The software on PokerRebels has many issues, however there is a entirely new software platform in the works by the Scion Poker Network (PokerRebels home network).  It is expected to be introduced sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2013 (in Aug., Sept. or Oct.).

Playing on PokerRebels is now like a trip back a few years ago, into the development stages of internet poker, it is not bad, just will take some getting used to.

PokerRebels offer’s all New Player Sign-ups a Free $10 bankroll, No deposit needed.

Combine the Free $10, a small relatively easy to win $100 Free Roll every week, why wouldn’t anyone check out Poker and give them a whirl??????????

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