New Poker App for Live Players

I said I would have some extra time to find some new and neat things for us players, well Here’s one………

I received a e-mail update from the PPA (Poker Players Alliance) and saw this,

Introducing ShareMyPair™

PPA is pleased to introduce ShareMyPair™ – The Social Networking App for Poker Players. This free app will forever change how poker players share stories about their greatest wins and their most devastating bad beats!

Share my Pair

The PPA is so excited about the ShareMyPair app that each day of the WSOP, we will retweet our favorite poker hands to our 15,000+ Twitter followers each day of the WSOP. To be considered for our WSOP Tweet of the Day, make sure to use the “@ppapoker” in your ShareMyPair tweet.

Once you download this Free App, all you need to do is enter all the hand information/details and you will create a customized and personal video of your most memorable live hands.

You can have a library of your biggest wins, worst beats and those moments of WTF just happened?

All shared by you, for all your friends and family to see……………..

I don’t see why you couldn’t use this App to record some of your most memorable internet hands, and create some videos of  “what I did last night”.

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