Thursday $100 Free Roll on Cafrino

The next Cafrino $100 Multi-table Free Roll will on Thursday May 9th


It is again time to register for the Thursday Night Multi Table Tournament (MTT)!

Join Cafrino for a $100 Guaranteed Free Roll!

By popular demand, tournament starts at a new time of 9:30PM EST, Thursday 9th of May. Come sit down to take a shot at winning some cash!

Registration is now OPEN in the Cafrino Lobby!

You must online on Cafrino, when the tournament starts or you will be eliminated

Remember… if you bust early, stick around and play heads up or single table SpreeRoll.

Why not head over to this Thursday?

Use Sign-up Code: USALegal, and see if you can score a few dollars?

Cafrino pays U.S. winners via Pay Pal, so there are no hoops to jump through to get your hard earned winnings!

Recent Free Roll Winners

Player Cash Prize Tournament
JaMaJ72 $23.00 Sunday $100 FreeRoll
believer $23.00 Thursday $100 FreeRoll
trmccoy $23.00 Thursday $100 FreeRoll
dcpublius $23.00 Thursday $100 FreeRoll
Pnder57 $23.00 Thursday $100 FreeRoll
Konstantin $23.00 Thursday $100 FreeRoll
CooterBooter $23.00 Tuesday $100 FreeRoll
Tomato $46.00 Thursday $200 FreeRoll
MoneyLA $11.50 Christmas $50 FreeRoll
nowbehere $11.50 Monday $50 DeepStack FreeRoll
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