My Bracket Standings Monday April 1, 2013

Looking Good going to the Final 4?????

I wish I had been a little more attentive from the beginning and had gotten a few more screen shots of my journey………

Here is how I stood Saturday Morning, March 30th on the $1500 Referral Bracket Challenge on WarDraft.

I had a few entries, this is the Best One to say the least! Don’t ask about the others.

If you want to see all the Standings go to WarDraft Here

WarDraft $1500 Referral Bracket Challenge Standings March 30th

Bracket Leaderboard morning of March 30

I checked the standings on Monday April 1st, and still have a chance to catch a pay-out!

Monday Standings going to the Final 4

I am in a 5 way tie for 10th, which will split the $33.75 prize.

I still have some hope, with 1 of the final 4 picks still alive.

With 6 points for final four winners and 10 points for the championship winner, I might get lucky and win something……………

Anyway, I’ll post a update when the Championship Game is set…………….

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