$300 ($3.30 buy-in) GTD on Americas cardroom

March 19 — 10PM ET $3.30 1R+1A $300 GTD on ACR

I got home late from work on Tuesday, March 19

I got online a little after 10PM ET, and started looking for something to do.

There was a $300 GTD on ACR with just a $3.30 buy-in that just started.

This is a 1500 chip start, 10 minute blinds with a 1500 chip re-buy and a 3000 chip add-on.

A  guaranteed $300 with 1R+1A with a hour of late sign ups, so I thought WTF go for it…………..

I started slow, in fact was down to 500 chips and was considering a re-buy when I got K-K, went all-in and all of a sudden I had 2300 chips and just waited for the Add-on.

I held out (won another hand) for the Add-on (after the first break) and started to play the meat of the tourney with 6000+ chips.

Here is how I finished with just a small $3.30+$3 ($6.60) investment!

If had been a Bounty Tournament, I would have ended up collecting 6 Bounties…too bad it wasn’t!

I’m PokerintheUSA on ACR

4th place finish in $3 tournament

Final Finishers on $300 GTD

Payouts on $3  $300 GTD

So, let’s put this into perspective………..

I spent 10 hours at work, came home late, wanted something to do (nothing on TV,  I was interested in) and found this tournament on ACR.

I invested $3.30+$3 ($6.30) and won $37.26 with little or basically no effort (took about 3 hours and a six pack!)

This $3 buy-in, $300 GTD paid $414 in total prizes

Sound like something you’d like to do?

Check out ACR Here, you won’t be disappointed……….


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