Attack Poker adds Omaha to their games

Attack, has added Omaha and Omaha h/l to their games.

Omaha is available on their ring games and select prize paying tournaments.

The Omaha tables are quite active, with players jumping in and out to give them a try. The few select players who played for a while were decent, we played about a hour on the $1/$2 (play chip) Omaha h/l and did okay.

This would be a great spot for anyone wanting to try Omaha and maybe learn how to play (with no risk).

Granted most players are jumping on and off just to try it, the dedicated Omaha players will keep the tables full and there will plenty of opportunity for everyone get in some play.

Omaha Table on Attack Poker

Play was smooth, and rather fast. The Omaha tables are No limit, not the usual Pot Limit seen elsewhere.

We seen many reports from happy players who won tournaments and cashed their prizes, like Hats, T-shirts, autographed playmate photos and more.

Look for the next $50 Visa Gift Card tournament on Monday January 14th.

Attack will be offering a WSOP $10K Seat promotion starting March 1, 2012

WSOP Challenge on Attack Poker


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