DraftKings NBA Fantasy

NBA Daily Leagues and Free Rolls on DraftKings

If you haven’t visited DraftKings, you might want to consider it.

DraftKings holds daily and weekly Fantasy Leagues where you play today, Win today.

I play quite often and always give their daily NBA Free Roll a shot, Now as I stated before I know very little about the NBA, besides watching and what I can read about on-line and in the Papers.

Here’s what I did on last Mondays $50 NBA Free Roll on DraftKings……..

DraftKings NBA Fantasy Scoreboard

I managed a 7th place finish, this won me a $2 Steps tournament entry. I used this ticket last night on a Step One NBA 20 team league, Here’s how I did…..

Step One Win

I finished 2nd and won a $7 ticket to Step 2………I did sweat it out however, the two teams who could have knocked me out had players in the LAL /LAC late game, and one of them had Kobe and Paul, the other had Paul….It took forever for that game to end………..

I’ll probably wait until next week to use the ticket, I need to do a little research to improve my chances.

Like I said, I don’t know much about NBA Fantasy, however the Salary cap numbers do allow you pick some really good teams, and scoring is very liberal. Even the low cost players score big…..it’s just a matter of picking the right one.

Here’s a couple of thing I do, that have helped me be competitive

I try to play when there is a full schedule of NBA games, 9, 10 or more. More choices for me and more for everyone else to confuse themselves.

I start at the bottom, choose the low cost sleepers first. I always use 1 or 2 of these guys, this frees payroll for the more consistent players.

I will always play many mid-price players who have a chance for the Big Game.

I take whatever is left and throw that money on the Superstars, the Labrons, Kobes, Pauls and Durants.

DraftKings is a nice change for players, doesn’t take a lot of your time and offers leagues for as low as a $1 buy-in.

The buy-in leagues will have smaller fields than the Free Games, and are often easier to win.

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