New Years Resolutions / Play better Poker in 2013

Here are the New Years Resolutions for this On-line Poker Player to play his best in 2013.

Maybe I’ll get a little support from readers and a few more  suggestions!

 Things to do in 2013

My On-line Poker Strategy for 2013 (25 things to think about)

  1. I will stop even thinking about the legalization and regulation of On-line Poker here in the U.S.  Except for Nevada and Maryland there is little hope. Maybe the recent New Jersey and Iowa News has possibilities, but I don’t live in any of those States, so it really doesn’t matter to me.
  2. I will concentrate on more Ring Game play, and try to limit my Tournament Play to just a few select Daily Tournaments and Satellites that do not break my Bankrolls.
  3. I will restrict this tournament play to the tournaments with smaller player fields (400 or less), no more 1000 player fields (unless I won a free entry) to beat to even have a chance to Cash-out.
  4. I will follow my own advice (finally) and hold myself to a strict Bankroll management plan.
  5. I will not just jump into any higher limit table unless I have 30 or more comfortable buy-ins for that limit.
  6. I am one player who never listens to himself but preaches to other players the correct thing to do, I will not let this happen to me ever again.
  7. I will use my accumulated VIP or Player Points to their advantage and play every Free game (Free Rolls) and collect any Bonus Cash I can. I will not waste them on over-priced merchandise in any store, unless they are discounted tournament entries.
  8. If my bankroll on any room falls below anything under $20, I will revert to 2/4c Ring games and Nickel/Dime tournaments until I build it up to $50 or more (for 5/10c ring play and 25c-50c tournament play)
  9. I will only play tournaments that cost less than 5% of my total Bankroll.
  10. I will limit my re-buy and add-on tournament play to tournaments where the buy-in, 1 re-buy and 1 add-on equal less than 5% of my bankroll (if its a $2.20 buy-in+$2 R+$2 A=  the $6.20 total  must be less than 5% of bankroll)
  11. If I am within reach of getting past the bubble (3 or less players) of any tournament, I will play really tight and wait for someone else to Bubble Out and insure myself of a Cash-out.
  12. I will wait to play a hand (unless AA, KK) in the early rounds of tournaments (rounds 1 to 3) and I will wait for the Kamikazes to destroy themselves.
  13. I will be more aggressive (no slow plays or Screwing around) than ever (bet at least 3x the BB or the Pot) when I have a advantage.
  14. I will more selective on which Hold-em hands to play.
  15. I will post a list of the Best Holdem Starting Hands next to my monitor to remind myself of this Resolution everyday.
  16. I will limit my Pot Limit Omaha Play to the lowest limits possible until I get a whole lot better at it.
  17. I will post a list of best starting Omaha hands by my monitor while playing.
  18. I will not play PLO h/l and hope for low every hand.
  19. I will play PLO h/l going for high every hand I play.
  20. I will avoid Games that I have no clue as to proper strategy or ever played before.
  21. If I play a Game that I do not know how to play–it will be for play money or a Free Roll, I will not risk money on anything that I do not know how to play.
  22. I will not force myself to play just to satisfy a Deposit Bonus or a Re-load Bonus. I will play at my own pace and not allow anyone to influence how I play, how much I play, how often I play or what I play.
  23. I will Cash Out early and often when I have any Big Win, like a Big Tournament Cash, or when my Bankroll is over 100X my comfortable. limit buy-in.
  24. I will not play any all-in or nothing tournaments, would you bet $50 on a coin flip?
  25. I will not play any Heads Up Hand against anybody unless I hold any two cards 8 or better.

Of course I can set all the rules to govern my play I want, I have never been able to follow my own advice.

Can you?

Let’s make this year (2013) the Year we do!

Let’s make some money by playing Poker online, let’s Cash-out more than ever before and actually say………………We’re a winner!

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