Fantasy College Basketball

Where is the best place to play Daily College Fantasy Hoops?

The College Hoops season is revving up, and every night will see plenty of action.

The best way to play Fantasy Basketball during the season is on daily leagues, you can pick from the best match-ups, highest scoring games, and play the stars against the weaker opponents—EVERYDAY!

No off days, no injuries, no worries–you play the best team you can put on the floor everyday, and collect your winnings the same day!

Fantasy Feud will have all the action, everyday from now thru March Madness and the Final Four.

How do Daily CBB Fantasy leagues work?

Everyday you get to choose from the countless leagues offered on Fantasy Feud (buy-ins range from $1 to $525), set a new line-up everyday (based on available players for games played that day) and you watch your results on live scoring on Fantasy Feud.

You can play for free, just look for leagues with -0- buy-ins, they will pay FF points (collect for use in the FF Store), and select Free Rolls (NFL, NBA, CFB and CBB) will pay cash–look for the Friday CBB $100 Free Roll coming soon!

Finish in the Money and collect your winnings as soon as the results are finalized.

CBB Scoring on Fantasy Feud

Starting rosters include 3 Guards, 3 Forwards and 4 Flex positions.

Scoring is simple, points, assists and rebounds, no advantage for specialized players….

Only the pure players who can get a true triple double, only the best all around players will score the most, basketball as is was meant to be played!

Can you find the next Jack Taylor (Grinnell College) who scored 138 points on November 20?

Roster Positions, Top Player Values and Draft Room

CBB League Lobby on Fantasy Feud

You can see there are many play options, free rolls, league sizes, buy-ins and guaranteed prize pools to choose from.

Fantasy Feud offers a Deposit Bonus, up to 17% rake back for frequent players and pays a point bonus for all entries that can be used for gifts, buy-ins and your Bonus payments.

Check out this Review with complete details about Fantasy Feud and all the Daily Fantasy games offered.

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