Fantasy Feud $110 NFL Private Friends League Free Roll

How to play Fantasy Feuds Home Games,

First find 11 friends, then Invite your 11 friends to join you in a Private Free 12-man Fantasy Football tournament where Fantasy Feud will actually post the $110.00 prize. Yes, it is a $110 Free roll provided by Fantasy Feud!

All you have to do to participate is to join Fantasy Feud for Free, then click Home Games to get a invitation out to your friends–It is that simple!

You need a minimum of 5 friends to register to play in your home game. The prize pool will be based on the number of new registered users that are in your contest. Example: if 6 players are in your contest, including you, the prize pool will be $50.00.

There will be 3 payouts to each home game.

50% of the prize pool will be awarded to 1st while 2nd will receive 30% and 3rd will receive 20%.

What Else can be won?

In addition to the $110.00 prize pool that you can win against your 11 friends, the winner of your Home Game will gain entry to the $15,000 Week 16 Feud of Champions contest where you can qualify for the $14,000 Field of Dreams.

Imagine that, find 11 Fantasy Football friends, play a $110 Free roll league on Fantasy Feud and one of you has a chance to play in the $15,000 Week 16 Fantasy Football Championship on Fantasy Feud.

What are the Rules?

Fantasy Feud NFL Football is a Salary Cap game, you get $1,000,000 in cap space.

Of course the better players are expensive, like $200000 for top QB’s and RB’s but you already know that, use your insight to pick the sleepers and dominate the league!

Line-ups have QB1, QB2, RB1, RB 2, WR1, WR2, TE, K, DEF., and a FLEX spot.





























Scoring is Standard, so there’s nothing no one knows about, you just need to get enough Friends together, sign-up and play…..

You’ll have to score in the 180 to 200 point range to win most Leagues, but if your friends have no clue, it will be a little easier….

Public Leagues (Paid and Free Roll) are hit and miss, some players know their football, others just play names and can’t win a lick!

If you get in a league with a bunch of dud’s wins come very easy!

That’s not all,

Fantasy Feud offer’s a weekly $500 NFL Fantasy Free Roll, so there is more to play for each week on Fantasy Feud!

These Free Rolls will only see about 700 to 1000 entries each week, and the top 50 win Cash…..It’s worth a shot each week to give them a try!

Fantasy Feud $500 Free Roll Payouts                     Sign Up to play Now!

1st: $100.00
2nd: $75.00
3rd: $50.00
4th: $40.00
5th: $30.00
6th: $15.00
7th: $15.00
8th: $15.00
9th: $15.00
10th: $14.50
11th: $11.00
12th: $11.00
13th: $11.00
14th: $11.00
15th: $11.00
16th: $5.50
17th: $5.50
18th: $5.50
19th: $5.50
20th: $5.50
21st: $2.20
22nd: $2.20
23rd: $2.20
24th: $2.20
25th: $2.20
26th: $2.20
27th: $2.20
28th: $2.20
29th: $2.20
30th: $2.20
31st: $2.20
32nd: $2.20
33rd: $2.20
34th: $2.20
35th: $2.20
36th: $1.00
37th: $1.00
38th: $1.00
39th: $1.00
40th: $1.00
41st: $1.00
42nd: $1.00
43rd: $1.00
44th: $1.00
45th: $1.00
46th: $1.00
47th: $1.00
48th: $1.00
49th: $1.00
50th: $1.00

There’s also a $100 CFB Free Roll to try out, we are not very good with college players, however we just missed cashing out 2 of the last 3 weeks by just .5 and 3 Points…….One more TD or few more yards and we would have been in the money!

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