October 31st Halloween NBA Free Roll on DraftKings

This article is from 2012

On October 31, 2012, DraftKings is having their NBA Launch $1000 Free Roll

The top 400 Skilled Players will win Cash and Step Tournament entries!!

No Deposit is necessary, just signup to try DraftKings

Details:  Signup and Register for the Free Roll before 7PM ET on October 31st.

1st place will win $50+ Step 1 ticket,

2nd=$40+ Step 1 ticket,

3rd wins $30 + Step 1 ticket,

4th pays $20 + Step 1 ticket,

5th to 10th pays $10 + Step 1 ticket

11th to 400th each receive a Step 1 ticket

Step 1 tickets are a $2 buy-in to Step One of a 6 step tournament, winners can progress the ladder up to Step 6 which has a $2500 Prize Pool and the winner will win $1000, all 5 players in step 6 will win Cash!

Check out all the details and scoring rules of Fantasy NBA on DraftKings Here

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