DraftKings Fantasy Basketball Free Rolls

Starting October 30th,

DraftKings will have a Daily NBA Fantasy Free Roll!

These Daily Free Rolls will pay the top 25 finishers (Tournament size game) a free $2 entry to the NBA Steps Tournament Series.

The Steps tournament consists of 6 steps, with $2, $7, $25, $88, $200 and $530 buy-ins.

Steps 1 to 3 have 10 player fields, Step 4 has 6 players and Steps 5 and 6 each have only 5 players to beat.

Each step (1 to 5) pays top finishers entries to the next step (or repeat of same Step).

Step 6 pays a total of $2500 in Cash to all 5 players, with 1st place clearing a cool $1000

We plan on playing these Free Rolls daily and accumulating as many tickets as we can, then as season progresses and we start seeing some consistent trends, we’ll use our tickets to move up in steps, we plan on cashing out a few times in Step 6.

That’s our plan, what’s yours?

My buddies (they think they know everything) plan on using each ticket as they get them and play multiple steps (ticket entries and free rolls) daily as their skill takes them.

We’ll see who wins more!

DraftKings uses a 8 man starting line-up of  PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G, F and Util

Scoring consists of:

Point = 1 PT
Made 3pt. shot = 0.5 PTs
Rebound = 1.25 PTs
Assist = 1.5 PTs
Steal = 2 PTs
Block = 2 PTs
Turnover = -0.5 PTs
Double-Double = +1.5PTs (MAX 1 PER PLAYER)
Triple-Double = +3PTs (MAX 1 PER PLAYER)

More Details on DraftKings NBA Contests

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