to close up shop!

October 17, 2012 8:30 PM CT

Ironically, there is no mention of this anywhere on!

We found this on Face Book,

Unfortunately, Grrrinders will no longer be able to offer subscription style games and is closing down the operation. All players past and present that are owed money or prizes need to claim them immediately. There is no longer a minimum requirement to claim your prizes via your player profile. If you currently are in possession of a check from Grrrinders, you must deposit or cash it at your nearest Wells Fargo Bank immediately. We wished to give you some advance notice so that those that wanted to copy their tournament histories, blogs, or send a note to a friend on the site the ability to do such. Unfortunately, the software situation that has plaqued us for so long and has once again began giving us more headaches has made it impossible for us to continue to acquire more debt to the players and with no guarantees that new software will preform properly from the onset, it makes it impossible for us to continue to operate this at a loss as we have done since November of 2010. We wish to thank all of those that have made this site their home and offered so much support over the past two years. Everyone involved did their absolute best and unfortunately with so many hurdles our best just wasn’t good enough. Please note new contact information:

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Now, we really think this is a sad day for the Loyal Grrrinders who played and devoted themselves to the site.

However, keep in mind they were continually lied to, mis-lead and kept getting promises and high hopes that just never materialized.

Like we posted on previous occasions–Honesty would have been a better approach, rather than the denial, deletions, censorship and the other various means to cover the truth.

Grrrinders was an excellent concept, a socially oriented poker site, close friends and members…..for a decent price.

However, too much was promised, too much was paid out and no where near enough promotion to grow the membership was given.

Grrrinders was almost a closed club, new members were never given a chance, too many original members were devoted to keeping a closed circle.

We played on Grrrinders for over 6 months, finished at the top of many tournaments that were detailed on the blogs–our name was never mentioned, just the players everyone knew and had close relationships with other players and management.

We had many letters and comments that stated this, and some were even commenting that this was a Poker Cult!  We probably wouldn’t go that far, but it was close………

Back to why Grrrinders failed,

You would never see any advertisements other than the actual site on the Web, Never an ad in any of the popular Poker Magazines, never a huge promotional tournament plastered all over the web.

Their weekly $1000 WSOP seat promotion would have been a perfect opportunity to attract paying members, but very few knew of this promotion—just the closed circle of players (existing members) who won seats and were disappointed when they never received them…

The Free Play orginally scheduled on Grrrinders probably paid too much to Free players, Tournaments offered to paying members paid out far more than the memberships paid in…………

In total, it was just a bad combination of revenues, membership recruitment and total amount paid out….too much and too little

We really wish the Players on Grrrinders well, and hope that they can find a place to play on-line where this won’t happen to them again.

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