Custom League on FanDuel Results—Week One

Okay, my own team, on my own USALEGAL league sucked………..

I’m not even close to competing…….. Currently 18th!

The Week Two USALEGAL Custom league (on FanDuel) will be up and ready to signup to play on by Thursday, this week!

However I still have a full game this week to go by my QB, by a Stud RB and a receiver with a Hall of Fame QB throwing the ball (at the start of the late games)

I still may have a chance???????

Cranknbass3381 is currently in first place

When you click a players name, you get more detailed stats.

Now for the really Good news,

At about halftime of the Late Sunday  games, here is where I stand on the FanDuel $1000 free roll

Here’s how I compare to the next team at the next payout level (from $5 to $8)

I have a slight advantage, a Stud RB vs. a TE?

I should gain on the 10th place team, but will it be enough???

Visit FanDuel to sign-up yourself and Play!

(I did and I just may get a little Free Play!)

I’ll let everyone know how I finish on the Free roll.

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