Play Free Fantasy Football on FanDuel

It’s not too late to Play Fantasy Football

Have you been thinking about trying FanDuel?   Still haven’t joined a fantasy football league? You still have time!

You can even create your own private league on FanDuel!

Look for the Free USALEGAL League on the NFL User Created Contest lobby and Sign-up for Free today.

The league we created is limited to 20 players, uses a $60K salary cap and includes all 15 games starting on Sunday Sept. 9th. Deadline to enter is 1PM ET on Sunday.

We set this up so you can see how easy it is to play on FanDuel.

You can set up your own Custom leagues too, just fill out the Create a league form to your personal liking and invite friends, co-workers or make it public so everyone can join.

You make make it a free league or set a small buy-in like $2 or $5 to make it interesting, you can set it for up to 20 players, set the difficulty (adjust salary cap) and set the payouts from winner take all, top 3 win cash or top 33% win cash.

You will find all the Custom leagues on the User Created League filter.

That’s not all, if you join today, You’ll also be entered into the Fan Duel NFL Week One $1000 Free Roll, when you sign up to play.

FanDuel offers Daily and Weekly Fantasy challenges for real money. You can play for free or buy-in and win Cash for your efforts.

You can read all the details about FanDuel on our Review

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