Another Court Ruling says Poker is a Game of Skill

N.Y. Judge Rules Poker a Game of Skill

There may be hope, this ruling carries a little weight, after all this was a Federal Judge Ruling the case. offers Legal Online Poker in 27 U.S States

This is however,  not the first time a Judge has ruled that Poker is a game of skill.

We reported this story last year on our Sister site:

August 1, 2011

France Rules Poker a game of Skill

A French Judge has ruled Poker is a game of Skill while hearing  the case of Jean-Pierre Gleizes and several other defendants. At question was the skill involved playing Poker, is it a game of skill or gambling?  The defendants were on trial for organizing a private poker games in a public settings.

The judge heard evidence from 3 “experts” the defense brought in to show that poker playing is indeed a skill. The experts used professional poker players, champion bridge players and Chess players as examples and convinced the judge that poker does indeed require a skill to win, and the “luck factor” can be overcome long term by using mathematics, statistics and probabilities along with psychological skills to win on a consistent basis.

There is also these Pennsyvania and Colorado Rulings from back in 2009.

A South Carolina Case, Here

Here is a Danish Court Ruling from 2007

There have been numerous Court Rulings thru-out the Years, none of them seem to have had any affect on any decisions to Legalize Internet Poker.

The only Ruling that really matters is the one Our Congress in Washington D.C., doesn’t seem to want to make…….

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