Help wanted: DOJ looking for Claims administrator

The Dept. of Justice is hiring!

Position:  Claims Administrator Full Tilt Poker

This is great news for every player who has or had any funds tied up in Full Tilt Poker when the whole House of Cards came a crumbling down on Bitar, Lederer and their band of thieves.

In total $159 million (from Poker Stars) has been allocated for re-payment to former U.S.  Full Tilt  players.

No timetable has been established, and if they are just hiring people for this task, it still could be a while before anything happens. In fact, the ad states this administrator would design and implement a program for this task.

How long will that take?

We have seen on various posts and reports that many U.S. players will not even bother to file a claim, even when details are announced.

This brings up an interesting point, the DOJ already knows who had funds, completed transactions and how much money each player on Full Tilt had.

From the Want Ad:

In so doing the Claims Administrator will obtain and evaluate information, such as financial transaction records, from claimants, and analyze information contained in user account records provided in database and other format by Full Tilt Poker.

Now, how accurate, how complete Full Tilt kept their player records and how many player records the DoJ actually has in their possession is unknown.

There has been no indication or announcement of the DoJ going after U.S. Players, they got who they wanted.

U.S. Players were the Victims not the criminals.

All U.S. Players should file claims for their funds, they (DoJ) already know you played on Full Tilt.

Now,  if a player had made 100’s of transactions, and moved $1000’s into their U.S. Bank accounts and didn’t report the income, the IRS might be interested.

As soon as we find out any claim details, we’ll post them right here.


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