DraftKings hooked me!

A few friends of mine convinced me to try DraftKings

I did and I liked what they offer.

DraftKings is not like the Fantasy Sports sites I’ve played on before for money.

It’s not a season long game, it’s a daily, pick a team for that day (using your fantasy skill) and see how your selections fared that same day, your paid that same day…. It’s fantastic!

It’s a deposit (with Bonus) , play today,  add your daily winnings today, type game…..sounds familiar, doesn’t it (like a poker room format).

We liked it so much, we added a Review of Draft Kings to Online Poker Update.

We plan on adding more about DraftKings and Fantasy Sports on Online Poker Update in the coming weeks…The NFL Season is coming up quick, and we can’t wait!!!!

No, it’s not Poker related, but it is something I have an interest in and I think many other Poker players like me do too.

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  • Josh  On August 14, 2012 at 1:19 PM

    Robert we’re so glad you enjoyed our site!!! We’ve got some great baseball tournaments through the end of the season–including over $1,000 a week in Freerolls–and we have lots of fantastic upcoming tournaments and Freerolls planned for football season.

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