Another Push for Online Gaming in California and Maryland?

Another California Update: August 8, 2012

We just found this,  California still just may, have a fight on their hands!

Once again we have found what could be Good news for Poker Players in California and Maryland.

California Update:

The California situation has us really puzzled, California has some of  (If not the Largest) Legal Land Based Poker Rooms in the world! And have had them as long as I can remember. Why is this a problem????

The Biggest opposition of On-line Poker in California has come from the Tribal Casino Community, who by the way, have lived with the Legalized Land Based  Poker rooms for their entire existence.

There has been some letting up of this opposition recently, and we here at Online Poker Update just Do Not Understand why the tribal casinos just can’t buy their way into this very lucrative Internet Poker venture.

(They must have the money, they spend enough on political contributions).

California by all estimation, has the player base to support on-line poker by themselves, without any share packages with any other state.

Here is another point that is not really mentioned,  the fact that the neighboring State Nevada (which has legalized Internet Poker) will see the benefits long before California.

A legalized online poker bill in California could include a Player share with Nevada and Delaware (another newly legalized state), something that lawmakers may not have seen or considered.

Maybe they don’t want to share?

The Money is there for all, why not go for it?

Maryland Update:

Maryland’s action on Legal Internet Gaming is a direct result of the Delaware plan which was passed and in development.

Maryland Casinos already see players from Delaware, and do not want to see any more cast away from their state, via on-line players.

It would make perfect sense for Maryland to pass such a bill, and along with Delaware create a Central Atlantic On-line Poker Partnership!

We could see other States joining in , such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York…there is some money to made by these states, why not Go For It!

Can you imagine that player base?

The tournaments and ring games would be packed and ready to explode with pay offs for everyone (the States included!)

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