Washington State, Online Poker Support?

There has been a wave of Published News regarding the legalization of Internet Poker from a unusual place, Washington State.

Here are  a couple of them,



Now, for those of you who do not know,

Reader traffic on Online Poker Update and on most every other web-site about online poker is always dominated by queries from residents from the State of Washington, the most common question being  “Where can I play poker on-line in Washington?”  

Well, Sorry Everyone, You Can’t!

Washington State is one of the few U.S. States that have actually made playing Poker on the Internet a Crime.   In fact, it is a felony in Washington!

The reasoning being, is they are protecting their population from the addiction of easy gambling, from throwing their money away to the greed of  gaming operators.

The State of Washington is protecting their citizens from themselves!

Again, like many other U.S. states it is ironic that it is okay to spend freely on this,  http://www.walottery.com/   But not on poker,  isn’t that nice?

Then, what’s the Good News?

I don’t know about you, but I believe this increased interest in Internet Poker that has emerged the last few days on media outlets in Washington, may be a good sign of things to come….well, probably not–but it gives players hope!

There is however, some Really Good News from these articles.

Washington State also has several Tribal Casino’s, who were at first against any form of internet gaming, but are now maybe leaning in favor–as long as their interests are considered in any legislation.

The support of these interests, not only in Washington State but across the country are key to any federal bill.  Now that’s Good News!


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