More Complications for U.S. Internet Poker Players?

We found this informative article on The Las Vegas Sun this morning.

The Complications, the Groups involved, The Political consequences, all make a Federal online poker bill a dream, and only a dream for U.S. Players.

If anyone really thinks Congress can get their act together on this, Let us know, I have no confidence in seeing anything come out of  Washington, too many opinions, too many people wanting a say, too many sticky fingers in the pie.

All of this got me to thinking,

Where exactly can Americans Play internet Poker without fear, without worry?

As the internet poker community already knows, Nevada is leading the way for legalized internet Poker here in the U.S.

Delaware is right there also, having passed a Internet Gaming Bill, which includes Poker.

Nevada is just a few months away (licenses for providers have been issued and operator licensing is next) from going live on-line.

In Delaware the current estimates for going live on-line, are sometime in 2013 with any certainly.

Okay, this means If you live (only residents will be allowed to play) in Nevada and Delaware it’s just a matter of time and you will be good to go!

But what about everyone else?

For lack of a better way to put it, What about me? What about you? What about us?

Yes there are a few more States contemplating legalization, but when?

Most of these States  including California, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey and Illinois have the same issues as sticking points as our representatives in Washington D.C. have!

In Illinois and New Jersey, the legislatures are willing, but the Governors are not.

You have to believe, that if any of these states were seriously considering legalizing Internet Poker,  they would have pounced on the opportunity when the US Dept of Justice ruled last December that The 1961 Wire Act was only intended for sports betting.

Since none of them have (except Delaware), I don’t really think they are serious.

Illinois did go Online with Lottery ticket sales, but how is that okay and Poker is not? The State of  Illinois encourages you to play a on-line game that barely pays out 50% of all money wagered (and keeps the profits) ????????

Like I have said before, all this Legal posturing, Deal making, Political influences and Political ambitions of our Representatives have derailed the hopes of U.S. Poker Players and just made our lives miserable, with high hopes presented one day, and complete disgust the next!

Sorry, but as of now,  that’s how it looks.

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