ACR Beast Rake Race Pays out $132,646 in July

The Final Results are in,

The Beast on Americas Cardroom has been everything it was said it would be.

Here is the Official Statement on the July results from Americas Cardroom:

San Jose, Costa Rica – August 3, 2012 – It turns out online poker player GiFt oF Gab knows how to talk the talk and walk the walk. The online poker player took control of The Beast leaderboard in July, earning $10,400 in cash for taming The Beast. GiFt oF Gab is one of 501 poker players who shared in The Beast’s $132,646 combined cash and tournament prize pool for July.

The Beast is Americas Cardroom’s groundbreaking new progressive points race that’s funded entirely through Americas Cardroom’s jackpot tables, using players’ shared jackpot contribution money. At the end of each month, the prize pool in The Beast is distributed to players who rank on The Beast leader board.

A total of 312 players won a piece of The Beast’s cash prize pool for July, which hit $78,037. And 501, including the initial 312 players, were awarded a $100+9 Punta Cana Poker Classic Super Satellite entry, adding up to $54,609 in tournament entries.

The top 10 cash winners included clutch352, who won a Lima Series of Poker package earlier this year, and crazymichael1, who won Americas Cardroom’s $250,000 Guarantee on April 15.

Anyone who sits down at a cash table marked Jackpot automatically becomes part of The Beast competition by earning points through participation in a raked hand. While more points are earned at higher stake levels, everyone participating in the same raked hand earns the same number of points—regardless of how much rake they contributed to the pot.

The Beast leader board features two prize pools—a cash prize pool and a tournament entry prize pool. Players automatically compete for both prizes by ranking on the leader board, and the July winners will find themselves in the Punta Cana Poker Classic Super Satellite where several $5,000 all-inclusive packages are on the line.

Because The Beast grows using money generated at Jackpot tables, the more people who play at the jackpot tables, the greater the prize pool, and, in turn, the more people who’ll reap the rewards.

The Beast is one of two jackpots at Americas Cardroom. Part of the money collected at jackpot tables is still contributed to the Bad Beat Jackpot, which pops randomly so players at Americas Cardroom still have the opportunity to win big money when they least expect it.

Go here for More Information on the Beast

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