What is Skillbet?

Skillbet.com is Completely Legal Online Poker

The Concept is simple, you play against an opponent (a Real person) in a virtual heads up match vs  Computer programmed players (BOT’s).

You and the other real player are dealt the exact same 30 hands, against the same hands and the same computer players (BOT’s).  When each hand starts, everyone is in the exact position and the order of play is the same.

You cannot see your opponent play his hand until your hand is complete, he cannot see you until his hand is complete.

This would make it a true match of skill, there is no variation, everything remains constant for each live player, the only difference would be how you play your hand.

Each Virtual Player has the exact same play tendencies, good and bad habits, the Virtual players are designed to take advantage of your weaknesses also.

Each new table you join, the Virtual players change, so you never know who or what they will do or act.

The player who makes the most correct decisions and plays their cards properly, will come out ahead.

Read more about Skillbet on our Complete Review

Skillbet has been gaining a great deal of attention lately, and many players are signing up to see what it is all about.

Skillbet offers completely Free Practice Play, so it costs nothing to try.

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