Main Event Field and Prize Pool

The final numbers are in, here are the  player and prize pool totals for this years Main Event™

Total Field:              6598 players entered (down 270 from last year)

Total Prize Pool:  $62,021,200

Places to be paid: 666   (1 player in 9.906, slightly better than one player in 10 will cash)

Final Table Payouts

1st place will pay $8,527,982

2nd will pay $5,292,889

3rd will pay $3,797,558


5th= $2,154.616


7th= $1,257,790

8th= $971,252

9th= $754,798

The rest of the Field will be paid as follows
10-12th pay $590,442
13-15th pay $465,159
16-18th pay $369,026
19-27th pay $294,601
28-36th pay $236,921
37-45th pay $191,646
46-54th pay $156,293
55-63rd pay $128,384
64-72nd pay$106,056
73-81st pay $88,070
82-90th pay $73,805
91-99th pay $62,021
100-162nd pay $52,718
163-234th pay $44,655
235-306th pay $38,453
307-378th pay $32,871
379-450th pay $28,530
451-522nd pay $24,808
523-594th pay $21,707
595-666th pay $19,227

More interesting numbers about the Main Event

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