Problems Brewing for Nevada / Delaware Internet Poker?

Will Nevada’s Player Base be enough to support all the Interested Parties?

We found this Article, and began to think.

Everyone should have known better.

The federal government just might be a sticking point when it comes to State to State Pacts and agreements regarding Internet Gaming.

DoJ Opinion:

The Dept. of Justice ruling back in December of 2012 stated:

As long as the games are legal in States involved and the internet gaming in question does not include the betting on any Sporting Event, it is not covered by the 1961 wire act, thus is a legal activity.

Read the entire DoJ ruling:

The White House Opinion:

Even the White House made a favorable statement on the States individual right to legalize internet poker:!/petition/protect-consumers-create-jobs-and-generate-revenue-licensing-and-regulating-online-poker/KZ2KB7c1

Whats the Problem?

Now there seems to be some concern as to whether our Democratic and Republican House Representatives and Senators just may want to get their sticky little hands on the huge financial windfall, that internet Poker here in the U.S. could just turn out to be……

By saying it is an interstate commerce concern?  Sure it involves Gaming, but why would money changing hands between states be any different than one states businesses selling products to individuals in different states, What about the Power Ball Lottery games? Does the Federal government get anything from that besides the ridiculous amount of  money they steal in federal taxes from the winners?

These People can’t get a Bill together legalizing internet gaming on a federal level, now they want to be a part of each States individual pacts with other states and share part of the Money????

Could this really be an issue?

Granted there is no official word that this could happen, but WTF?

We sincerely hope Legalized internet gaming by individual states and partnering states does not become a victim of dozens of federally mandated stupid rules, regulations and taxation, just like every thing else our government gets themselves involved in.

We don’t mean to rant and rave, but if the Federal government cannot decide on a plan on a national level, just leave the States alone to do as they see fit, and to partner with whomever they choose…

The Feds will get their fair? share, via Income Taxes, both corporate and individual.

In other words—Mind your own business, fix the economy, get everyone back to work, work on lowering the cost of living, make life better for all Americans, after all, that is your JOB!!!!!!!

This is just our Opinion.


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