What would Legalized Online Gaming mean to the Tax Payers of America?

What would legalized Internet Gaming mean to the United States?

Besides the Freedom of Playing (like most other nations of the world enjoy) whenever, where ever we choose?

This is an OUTSTANDING info-graphic showing everyone what legalized

Let Americans spend as they wish!

Internet Gaming could mean to our revenue strapped governments, both State and Local.

The numbers are thought provoking and straight forward.


Sure they are estimates, but when you consider the effect that Black Friday had on internet poker traffic numbers, and when you consider the fact that Americans are already taxed beyond comprehension on everything you can imagine,  this makes perfect sense, and could mean a difference between a State going bankrupt with absolutely no way to pay it’s bills and a State growing and prospering economically.

Face it everyone,  there a are so many unseen fees and taxes, many Americans don’t realize how much of their income actually is paid to our Federal, State and Local Governments.  It is not the 20% or so most Americans see on their paychecks, it is everything you buy and use.

I have seen estimates of over 40% of our incomes, succumb to all these taxes and fees…that is no BS

We pay these fees and taxes on EVERYTHING we buy and use in our everyday lives, including all sales taxes, property taxes, city taxes,  gasoline taxes, electric bills, phone bills, natural gas bills, liquor, cigarettes, highway tolls, water bills, drivers licenses, license plates, vehicle stickers, pet licenses and tags, traffic tickets of all kinds (yes, its a tax and an easy way to suck money out of you), building permits (these will also raise your property taxes if you make your home nicer), school registration fees (yes, we not only pay taxes to provide the schools, we pay additional fees to let our children use them).  HAD ENOUGH?   SHOULD I GO ON?

The same people (our government officials) are hesitant to legalize internet gaming, even though it is a voluntary tax of our own choice, and not a forced tax like those mentioned above.

I guess they would rather force us to pay all these taxes and fees, rather than let us, their constituents choose what we will and won’t spend our money on……

Legalization of Internet Gaming makes perfect sense in today’s economy,

With legalized internet gaming, will we ever see all those fees and taxes reduced because of  the new and growing income provided by online gaming?

HELL NO, they got it now and you know they won’t give it back!

But maybe just maybe they won’t be so quick in the future to raise or institute any new taxes or fees upon us! 

Just maybe Life will improve for all, in every State that sees the benefits!

This is just our humble opinion! But it appears that the State of Nevada has figured this out, Delaware is real close, there are many other states such as Illinois, California and New Jersey seriously thinking about it.

Whats to think about? Coddling the lobbyists and political contributors (hint: Illinois and California) who represent organizations opposed? Or perhaps political ambitions (hint: New Jersey) by the decision makers?

Read what Fox News thinks about this entire subject,


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