Official Statement by David Webb On Grrrinders current State

Finally, We have heard from an Official spokesman from

From David Webbs Blog:

This blog is long overdue. For all the craziness that has happened both personally and via the community, I hope you will accept my heartfelt apology. There are some things that we can control, others that we cannot. I’ve always been about solutions. This will be a long and probably somewhat difficult read, especially to those that aren’t up to date with Grrrinders History.

Read the Full Statement:

Uncensored Player Opinions:

Here’s my take on the statement,

I can see where there were interested investors, given the fact that legalization of internet gaming is on the horizon and an operating internet poker platform would have a lot of  potential value.

Potential investors backing out of a deal, during these current times is not also unheard of.

I also believe the payment processor backing away, but there must have been some more of a notice given to the site, plus why were players not notified if there was going to be some sort of problem paying their monthly fees.

What would have happened if a replacement were not found?

How could players made their payments to insure themselves of being eligible to play?

I will not question anyone’s health, based on the statement you can see there was a great deal of stress involved–and I have seen my own family members react to stress in many ways.

Stress only makes any illness worse!

As far as the WSOP plan, there should have been a secure way to hold the players checks at the casino cage for their pick-up at the WSOP, with proper ID, whenever they arrived.

If players didn’t show, then the checks could have been returned to Grrrinders.

What now?

We can only wait and see if the players will receive their payments,

If  Grrrinders will alter their tournament schedule (to account for their 70% funding) and if there will not be any other ISSUES popping up in the next few weeks.

Whatever happens, time will be the key factor to healing all those hurt by these events.  Some players may not return, many will.

Betrayal whether real or imagined takes time to overcome.

Grrrinders was the closest knit Poker Family Online before the WSOP.

As we stated on our previous post, make a few changes, reduce the free games, lower some of the cash payouts, promote Grrrinders more than you have ever before–grow that player base–make it work!

Everyone wants to believe you David, but your players must see to believe at this point!

Again, we are not insiders, we don’t know everything that happened, just what we have seen…….

The Online Poker Update Team

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  • Randy Codd  On June 28, 2012 at 1:31 AM

    Thank you for the uncondeming comment… Grrrinders is the best placve to play “subscription poker” on the internet. I am a loyal customer and member and representative of the site.


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