The Grrrinders WSOP Saga Continues,

We reported this Two days ago,  here’s the latest:

There are reports of players seeing Grrrinders founder,  David Webb in Reno,

For more up to date Comments and information go to this Face Book Page

Running Away,  Hiding,  Faking illness is not the answer—-

Facing an issue and being completely Honest about it is and always has been the best approach to any situation!

Our thoughts on Grrrinders

The original idea of Grrrinders was a good one, a Social Club for Poker Players who love Poker, who want to compete with other players with the same interests, maybe win a few bucks here and there, meet up with your new friends at live events, and form long term friendships that nothing could tear apart.

It would appear the idea was sound, the membership just couldn’t support the site.

This is not to say that Grrrinders is a dead issue, there are still many Members who would play just to play,  just to converse with all the acquaintances they have made this last year or so at Grrrinders.

A revamped Grrrinders is still a viable idea, reduce cash awards, promise less, and just let it grow in a natural way.

Too Big, Too Soon has always been the Death sentence for Businesses. Most Business failure is caused by management not knowing how to take their successes and thinking they are the End all Be all of whatever they sell or service.

Everyone starts as a little human being and grows and matures over the course of many years—just like every successful business over time has.

If I am out of line, please tell me why.

I have played on Grrrinders, won a few dollars and quite frankly wondered how they could offer so many prizes (Cash).

When playing there were only at the max—300 to 350 players on the Diamond Room (the premium pay room).

Total membership was said to be over 6000 players (almost all, just Free players) playing on the Gold Room (which offers free play tournaments awarding cash and prizes)

At $30 a month X 350 (this number could be higher, it is based on what we have seen) paid members you are looking at a monthly gross of $10500. There were a few ads on the main page, maybe some endorsement income, but what else?

Paying out  $1000 WSOP seat each week for over 30 weeks, a $1000 Saturday Tournament, a $600 Sunday,  a Wednesday $500 and $200 every other night each and every week.

This would total over $13K paid out each month–not even adding in the small $4, $8, $10, $20 tournaments paid out everyday.

This was never questioned by anyone, no one had ever had any issues with being paid.  So Everything was good!

Suddenly, the last few weeks/months  the tournament schedule changed, some tournaments went missing (software issues) and were not repeated, still no comments or none were allowed.

You could see the trouble on the horizon.


I am rambling on, it just seemed too good to be true,

And No-one said a word –not even me!

I do not know what changed, what happened–only the accountants do.

Like we said in our previous post  DO NOT JOIN GRRRINDERS NOW,

Maybe ever again!

How Can Grrrinders Recover?

The First thing to do is make sure all the players involved in the WSOP Fiasco are Paid in Full.

The second thing is to pay out any outstanding player balances

From that  point on,

We should  all just see what happens, see if everyone is paid what they are owed, see if there are any changes at Grrrinders……

We would like to see them continue, even if it is just for all the players who have stuck with them the past year—the loyal  members deserve that option!

A complete Downsize is necessary,

Limit payouts, offer more player loyalty type tournaments (with some sort of award), more inexpensive gift tournaments, limit the cash awards to just a few weekly events, offer more player recruitment awards, promote your Big Events to the hilt on-line, not just to your membership.

There are ways to make this work, experiment with different ideas and promotions.

Every Problem has a solution, you just have to find it!

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  • Becky Wiegand  On July 6, 2012 at 1:45 PM

    I was there when all the trouble was going on,and yes I agree something should have been done or said long before the EVENT happened. But as of this day I received my money just like I was promised after the WSOP people were payed. I believe eveything is current now . I’m not privey to actual staff but as a player to Grrrinders’s ,I love the site completely.I would play if there were no cash rewards .The site and the people are that great.Trust is going to have to be rebuilt with everyone but I think they are well on their way.Mistakes happened and people were not told the truth but that’s better now . I think David understands that we all would rather be told the truth and help the site we love so much make it a better place to play for all who are there now and for all the future players waiting to find this site .I hope you will give this site another chance yourself to see the improvements that have been implimented.And I believe Grrrinders’s will recover juts fine if the players have anything to say about it. Sorry this is so long winded but thats what I believe Grrrinders’s is not on its way out it only going to get better .

  • JD Lewis  On July 3, 2012 at 12:41 PM

    FACEUP gameing is even BIGGER scam than Grrrinders, cant get paid from them , they just keep sending same form email that says in 5 days, ive gotten 5 these emails , i got account blocked because i said any online site that promotes TEAM poker is promoting cheating, they have a TEAM league that is the a joke, chip dumping like ive never seen any where before

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